Individual Lessons

Love your photos

You invested in a fabulous new camera and you're super excited to take beautiful, love filled photos of your family.  But why do your photos from the new camera look so similar to the ones you took with your phone in the past?  The reason is you're using the same photography skills and knowledge that you used before. Your skills behind the lens are way more important than the quality of your gear. Your intentions, your use of light, your control of the camera and even your editing impact the quality of your photos more than you ever realized.

I offer individual and small group photography instruction to give you the tools, knowledge and power to create the images you envision.  Learning to take photos that you love is such a wonderful gift to your family and to yourself.  You will have heirloom images to pass down through generations while experiencing the joy of learning something new.  We will cover composition, lighting, exposure, and camera operations through a series of four lessons.

If you would love to take better photos, photographs worthy of printing, framing and cherishing for a lifetime, then invest in yourself to learn new skills that will serve you throughout your life.  Compose with purpose.  Shoot with control. Cherish with pride. Sign up for your lessons today.

Your course of photography lessons includes:
• 4 unique hour long lessons at various locations around the Main Line
• Detailed handouts to accompany each lesson
• Practice assignments
• Personalized feedback on your practice shots

The cost for a course of lessons depends upon the number of students participating:
• one student $380
• two or three students $280 per student

Custom Presentations

Let's all learn together

I am available to visit your organization to talk about and demonstrate photography topics that are important to your community.  Please contact me to find out what would be a good fit for you.