The Dancer

Delaware Valley Dance Photographer

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham

You turn hard work into grace.  You transform sweat into beauty.  You learn control and technique to look effortless and free.  All because you dance.  Because you have to dance.  Now is the time to celebrate the work that you’ve done, the sacrifices you’ve made and all that you’ve achieved.  I am passionate about dance photography and have extensive experience in showing off all the angles, curves and planes of a dancer’s body in motion.  

For the individual dancer, you can choose to have a studio session where we will use precise lighting and a neutral backdrop to highlight just you and your craft.  I'll arrange for us to use a large, indoor space at one of the local organizations I partner with.  Or you could opt for a more dramatic setting – a stately mansion, a park lush with all the hallmarks of the season. The dance studio where you spend so much of your time is another possibility.  Ahead of the session, we will discuss the details of what you want – the mood, the style, the types of images you are looking for.  We’ll walk through the specific dance moves that you want to capture.  During the session, it will be my job to provide an atmosphere that allows your mastery of movement to be on display.  Together, we will review the portraits to find exactly what you need and what you love.  You’ll be able to share and enjoy this moment of your journey as a dancer that you’ve earned through hours of practice, determination and joy.

Are you involved in a dance production?  I have spent years shooting a variety of shows and recitals, during dress rehearsal as well as live performances.  I have experience with classical, modern and cultural genres and love to shoot them all so as to capture the delight, intensity, passion and spunk of these incredible dancers doing what they love.