The Athlete

Philadelphia Sports Photographer

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan

You are so proud of your athlete.  Whether it is the first time their bat has connected with the ball or when they manage to shave 0.43 seconds off that time that hasn’t budged in months or when they pick themselves up from a tough loss to congratulate an opponent, you are proud.  You’ve spent hours and years together, driving to tournaments, braving the miserable weather and chasing that passion.  Sports photography is an incredibly exciting way to crystalize activities that have defined so much of your family life.  In 2017, I was named the Shultz Photography School Sports Photographer of the Year which has only driven my love for this genre.  Let’s get together on the field or the court, by the pool or the rink or wherever your athlete sets up shop and freeze these moments in time.   Before the big event, you can let me know what you’re looking for and how much of a mix you want of action shots and in-between moments.  On the day, I will make sure to capture all the movement, excitement and interactions of the game or meet or match.  Within a couple of weeks, digital images are delivered to a private online gallery, through which prints and albums are for purchase.  The end result – heirloom portraits for your home that will allow you to relive and showcase the thrill of competition. 

Interested in team photography?  I would love to photograph your competition for the entire group as well.  Shared between the whole team, the cost of getting magazine-quality, brag-worthy photos of the athletes is very affordable.  All the action, the color, the energy and the camaraderie will be shot on the day and then shared in a private online gallery, for purchase individually or by the organization.  Let’s do it!