My Story


Light Your Life. Share Your Story.  Love Your Look.


Hi!  I’m Emily, a midwest girl who grew up to be an east coast mom.  I wasn’t always a photographer.  I wasn’t born with a camera and lens in front of my face :)  But just like you, I’ve always been creative and curious and looking to find my place in the world.  Twenty years ago, while studying music performance in college, I thought that playing clarinet, on stage, in an orchestra, was where I’d find it.  After many hours in practice rooms,  masterclasses, chamber ensembles and clarinet studios I realized that I just didn’t love clarinet enough to make it my life.  I loved performing, collaborating and even auditioning, but I knew it would take a lot more than that to enjoy a career as a professional musician.  So, after a long and wonderful journey of finishing my degree in music performance, working in the financial industry, living abroad and growing my own family, I found my way back to the world of performing arts in Philadelphia, this time as a photographer.  I discovered though photographing families, high school seniors, dancers and others in our community that together we could stop time and create something truly wonderful.  To me, that discovery was absolute magic!  Since then I’ve been joyously photographing everything I can from my own life to my lovely clients.

Your photo session will be a custom experience, created just for you.  We’ll work and dream together about all the wonderful details that we can use to show the world who you really are. 

When & Where:
I work throughout the Main Line of Philadelphia and am available for travel through the greater Philadelphia region, Delaware Valley and beyond. Your session is totally customized, so we will choose a location that suits you. Your favorite park, my studio, your home or even the streets of your town are some of the possibilities. We want beautiful light for your portraits so for outside sessions, we will try to time yours to the golden hours just after sunrise or just before sunset. For studio sessions we’ll create patterns of light using studio strobes that compliment your best features.  When we are creating light we are not dependent upon the sun so studio sessions have more flexibility with timing.

You work hard.  You love what you do.  You are beautiful!  You deserve to see that for yourself - to truly see it in photographs that show all of your awesomeness!  The years with your family at home, the months with your friends in the dance studio are all gradually passing by.  This wonderful season in your life will someday be a memory.  Your portraits and photos are how you’ll remember it all.  Together we can stop time.  Together we can create art.  Together we can show the world what you can do!

Contact me and we'll get started! I can’t wait!!