60 Years of True Love

A lot can happen in 60 years. Trees grow from tiny seeds into strong forest canopies. Cities double or triple in size. Families live out their stories while welcoming new generations into their arms. When Jim and Betsy welcomed me into their home one morning this past July, I was hoping to see what 60 years of marriage looked like. In some ways 60 years looked similar to 5 years - love is love, after all. Caring glances at one another and familiar stories remembered together were what I expected to see and hear. A home full with decades of memories and an enduring love between two people was what I was privileged to witness and photograph that day. As a family photographer, I try to tell people’s stories, and show their true selves. My favorite part of spending that morning with Jim and Betsy was when they showed me their foyer stairway. The walls around it were full of the beautiful faces of their family. Photographs of their four children and eight grandchildren greeted them everyday as they walked by. It was beautiful and their love for their family was beautiful as well. Regardless of what anniversaries we are each celebrating in our lives, I hope that we can all find the joy and contentment that comes from true love.

Emily BrunnerComment