5 Tips for Better Vacation Photos | With Any Camera

It's Summer!  Time for Vacation!!  We all love to look through our vacation photos after returning back to our daily lives.  It's like a mini vacation when we can relive those memories through our photographs.  Vacation is a great time to slow down just a little and compose your photos with intention, rather than just talking snapshots.  Here are five easy things you can do with any camera to make a big impact on your vacation photos (and yes, these are all from my personal vacation archives!):

1. Look up and down. When you're out exploring, take a few minutes to look above you and below you. You'll discover a new perspective and might see something truly beautiful that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

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2. Pay attention to the details.Your vacation destination is full of wonderful things that you don't get to see in your everyday life. From unique foods, to local signs to the region's flora and fauna, you'll find all sorts of things to photograph up close that will remind you of the details of your time there.

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3. Capture the whole scene - WITH something or someone in the way!  A huge part of any destination is the unique scenery. We always want to capture the amazing views. However, the view becomes even more meaningful and interesting when there is something or someone in the foreground. It changes the image from ordinary to unique. Feel free to get your camera down low to incorporate something interesting on the ground or include the mobs of tourists around you in an interesting way!

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4. Photograph the candid moments. The camera is not just useful for photographing the famous scenes and landmarks. A big part of your vacation is the hanging out and interactions between everyone. Instead of posing everyone in a group for a portrait, try taking a photo of the action without anyone noticing. You'll get beautiful, authentic emotions with your destination as a lovely backdrop.

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5. Get up and go.  When you feel moved to take a photo, don't just stand there in place and snap away. Give yourself permission to get up and move around, trying out a perspective that doesn't seem so obvious.  Venture out into the water a little (just hold on tight to your camera).  Try standing way off to the side or step out of the room and take your photo through the doorway.

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