Hello Neighbor | After School Shopping with Kyle Boyer

Last week I met up with Valley Forge Middle School teacher and TESD school board candidate Kyle Boyer for some after school shopping.  We talked a bit about his past, his future and why he’s waiting for a phone call from Allen Iverson…


I grew up on Walnut Ave. in Berwyn. Berwyn was a big playground. As I got older Devon became part of that playground, and by high school all of Tredyffrin and Easttown townships were part of my upbringing. I work as a middle school teacher. I started as a 9th Grade Algebra teacher at a charter school in Philadelphia. I later taught 11th grade US History, and for the last 4 years have taught 6th grade social studies. On my very first day teaching in a classroom I introduce myself to the students with a few things like my favorite sports teams, how I hate the Dallas Cowboys, and my teaching background. I then spend a lot of time focused on procedures. 

omething that might surprise you about me is that I am a huge Star Wars fan… I think it might be all of the philosophy and religion in Star Wars that has always intrigued me…   I always try to end a day on a positive note. I never want to finish a work day or go to sleep on a negative note as it colors the whole day negative. I also never want to take more than I give. I want to make sure I'm contributing as much as I'm receiving, whether that's at work, at school, or with my family and friends.

When I’m driving in my car I'm usually listening to Google Maps to find the quickest route. I use Google Maps to go everywhere just because I know it will give me the fastest route. My typical grocery list includes by default eggs,  yogurt, some form of salad greens – usually romaine and kale, and ground chicken. Everything else is a pile of variables…  When I’m waiting in the checkout line I'm usually organizing my items for scan and bagging - my first job was as bagger at the Devon Acme! 

If I could have my photo taken with anyone, I'd love to have a photo taken with Allen Iverson. To be honest I'm not sure why that hasn't happened yet… Next month I want to be meeting as many community members as possible in preparation for a school board election in November.  In ten years I hope to still be making a positive impact on the community.  And I want to have published at least two books!


To find out more about Kyle's awesome work in our community check out  www.facebook.com/boyerfortesb

Photography and interview by Emily Brunner Photography